The spaces between things

an audiovisual live performance

Koenraad Ecker & Yannick Jacquet’s latest AV performance, “The spaces between things” was premiered on June 24th 2018 at the Lowry Theatre (Manchester, UK) and was commissioned by Andrea Parker.

The AV performance combines image, sound, text and spoken voice to create an associative, at times surrealist, narration exploring the themes of closeness, alienation and the dialectical relationship between environments, spatial configurations & social structures.

Both in its sonic as in its visual language, the performance attempts to make the empty spaces in between things heard & seen, and to bring to the surface that which generally remains unheard.

Thanks to iMal (Brussels, BE) for providing the residency space to develop this performance

Yannick Jacquet : visuals & stage design

Koenraad Ecker : sound

Entrailles text