guest mix for SoundsofATiredCity featuring music by Morton Feldman, Jana Winderen, Yannis Xenakis, Scott Gibbons and many more.

guest mix for Phormix with mostly industrial-leaning music by the likes of Blixa Bargeld, Valerio Tricoli & Mika Vainio.

Electro-acoustic music mix for Rob Booth's Electronic Explorations series with music by Heinz Holliger, Streifenjunko, Giacinto Scelsi, ...

A minuscule slice of the wealth of religious & ritual music throughout the centuries, around the globe.

A mix that features a wide range of music (acoustic, electronic, recent, very old and from all over the world) which share one important characteristic : none of this music is tuned in so-called "Equal Temperament Tuning".

A selection of mostly 7" dance hall dubs to bring some sunshine and smiles into the world