Tantalum River (2018-2019)

radio play for spoken text and electro-acoustic sound

"Tantalum River” is a 90-min acousmatic surreal-political tale about mineral resource extraction.

It is freely inspired by Joseph Conrad’s controversial 19th century novel “Heart of Darkness”, Herzog’s “Aguirre”and various accounts by whistleblowers from within the mining-industry’s community.

Tantalite-niobium, aka coltan, is an essential resource for the hi-tech industry. The materials & end-products might seem novel, but the underlying political & economic power dynamics can barely be distinguished from previous imperial forms of resource extraction.

In the radio play, we follow a fictional "fixer", the vanguard of multi-national mining corporations , scouting for new places from which to extract the resources needed to still capital's voracious appetite for labour & raw materials.

sTantalum River has been broadcast on independent radio stations Cashmere Radio (Berlin)  and Radiophrenia (Glasgow).